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4 - Data Explorer

Alright, let me see if I can spell this out correctly.

I have two databases, one of faculty and one of courses.

Faculty can be assigned to any and all courses. Courses have different contracts depending on how they're paid -- FT, Adjunct, and NCI, which are three fields in the courses record, populated with the payment amount as appropriate.

Let's say instructor A is linked to three different courses, one of each of the above.

Currently, my linked column for Faculty A will show all three courses, then there's a Lookup referencing Adjunct, which shows me the correct amount -- but I don't know which of the three courses under the linked column that payment amount belongs to.

Is there a way to filter the linked column to only display on the faculty record if the adjunct field is populated? My current work around is to duplicate the table, delete anything where adjunct is empty, and create another link, but that's clumsy when I add more courses or assign more courses at the top level.

I hope that makes sense and any thoughts would be helpful, thank you

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Currently, your database is setup as a one-to-many relationship (i.e. 2 tables).

You would need to restructure your database as a many-to-many relationship, which requires a 3rd table as the "join table".

More details in Airtable's support article here: