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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I need to create an "budget base", I've these table


In the expenses table I have different categories for each expense, but for some of these I would need also sub-categories like exemples:

  • salaries
    • Person 1
    • Person 2
    • Person 3

What would be the best structure to obtein this?

I hope it's clear, thank you for your help!

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hey @Fabiana2023 here's a tutorial by @BenGreen that lays out how to setup some basic budgeting and expense reporting:

In this video we will discuss how you be keeping track of your business expenses in Airtable in 2021. This will include automated reporting for a profit and loss statement and will be the perfect template for you to track your business expenses for your large or small business. Business expenses ...
4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

thank you, ok but there he use a single category, its a nice structure but does not use sub categories, at the moment my solution that seems working is having some other field with single select option that I will show in the form only when some specific category will be selected.