Cover URL for image attachment: the image is not showing anymore

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Last year I designed a School Newsletter system. One of the columns is the Newsletter Banner which changes for every campaign. It's a png image. I am using Airtable, Softr and MAke

Last school year, I was able to get the image URL. The output from MAke was giving me all I needed including the direct URL. Here the info I got for an image for example:Cover ImageArray

The COVER URL was all I needed and using Make I was able to create an HTML email including the banner using the Cover URL.

But this first Newsletter did not show the banner and the cover URL is not working anymore. Instead when yo click on the lin kit says:

The link you're trying to visit is not available. Please visit our support center for more information.

Is there something I need to so the cover URL will still be public as it was the case before ? Why it is not working anymore?

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Yes. That is why. This change was quite frustrating when introduced.

Is there an alternative ?