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Hi Community.
So far i have Set up an Item List where i can seach the sku number and another where i can search by name, thats fine.
So when i enter via form the data for the costumer where it should be send i have just 1 problem, what can i do when i have 1 of these items twice or more ?
How can i add quantities to these without letting the sku’s explode ?

Thanks in Advance

Line Item’s won’t work in that case

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Hi @Sven_van_Beckum,

Welcome to Airtable Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Why wouldn’t line items work? This is the way to add multiple items to the same order/customer. Otherwise, in the items list you have to specify quantities and link the customer to the said quantity.


thanks for the welcome

so far i want just give accesss via form not with the complete base

Welcome to the community, @Sven_van_Beckum! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: While Airtable’s own forms are good for basic entry, they’re not necessarily the best choice for all use cases, and a multi-line order system is one of those. I suggest taking a look at third-party form systems that can tie into Airtable. JotForm and TypeForm come to mind. I’ve used JotForm a little, but don’t have experience with either in terms of setting up an order system like you describe, so I can’t offer specific guidance I’m afraid.

Thanks @Justin_Barrett!
I was already at the point to forgett airtable for this use case, lateron i will check these named formes.