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6 - Interface Innovator

OK, I feel like an ‘Airtable Idiot’ for asking this, but I can not figure out how to use one table to populate the lists that are in each of the other tables in this base.

I tried ‘Views’, but I can’t seem to get past the “Primary key” road block! I mean, HOW can I get to the 2nd and 3rd columns in that table???


And you can see the Table Structure base here.

As always, thanks!

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So each table in your base houses a list of fields that exist somewhere else, is the “Lists” table supposed to:
a) copy every record from all the other tables into one place, or
b) list every field type that is described in each of your tables

If (a), why use separate tables in the first place?

If (b), then convert your “Field Type” single select field in each of your tables to a Link to Record field type pointing to your “Lists” table.

Hey @Kamille_Parks,

Thanks, as always for jumping in!

c) have one place for all list changes?!?"

My end goal is to host all “list items” in one table and use that data in ‘drop-downs’ in the other tables. That way, if anyone needs to make CHANGES, they can all be done in one place. Actually, that’s my end goal… to have it so that if ANYONE make a change to a list ANYWHERE, it will update every other similar list wherever that may be.

So I tried what you said to try and I’m not getting it…

When I change the “Single select” field to a “Link to Lists” table it worked. But when I click the ‘+’ sign to add an item from the list I’m getting this:



I’m not sure I understand your use case or problem at all, to be honest.

I don’t understand why you have multiple tables to begin with if they are all effectively identical. If you want everything in one place then use one place, don’t create several tables with the exact same structure.

Changes to what, exactly? Right now your “List” table is a list of field types, and all your other tables are a list of fields. If the Lists table’s “Description List” field is supposed to control the other {Description List} fields, then:

  • the Field Type single selects should be Link fields (I already suggested this)
  • all the other Description List fields should be Lookup fields that pull in the linked Field Type’s description list.

OK @Kamille_Parks , I’m gonna write that off as you having a bad day! lol (I hope not)
Anyway, I did what I was trying to do in Sheets in like 10 minutes, so I won’t need that help any longer.

What I was ‘trying’ to create was a base that fully explained and documented the larger base that I was building. It started to get out of control… links broken everywhere and automations for functions I was no longer using and stuff! (I have an OCD problem and I keep ‘re-designing’ my bases, and I thought that documenting the build would help me to stay on track.)

Anyway, and as always, thanks! …and have a GREAT tomorrow!

My day was fine. I was asking questions about what you were trying to accomplish since it was not clearly defined.