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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am not an Airtable expert, so I will explain what I am trying to do, and it may make sense to someone who can help.
I am creating a base to track employee training. Monthly, I assign a program to each Employee under a field called “TO DO.” The Employee certifies they completed the program via a form that flows into my table called “Tasks” So, for each Employee, I have a “To Do” field and then a “Completed Certification” field. The form they complete cannot have any prefilled employee information in it but can have a prefilled topic (program) included.
In the base, I have three tables. “Tasks” are the certifications employees complete via a form or HR entry. “Programs” are the trainings to assign. And “Employees” are the 400+ employees who need the training. Each Employee has a view (shared URL) in the “Employee” table that shows them what programs they completed and what programs are “To Do.”
I have the Employees table linked to the Tasks table. And the task table linked to the Program table. In the program table, I have a field called “Completed Certifications,” which pulls the trainings from the task table when HR approves the certification. I also have a “To Do” field I copy and paste each Employee into based on the linked field to the employee table.
I can’t figure out how to get the individual “to do” field from the employee table to the Task table so I can delete the “to do” assignment once the Employee completes that specific training. I have it set up, but it pulls all employees assigned to the training, not just the ones who completed the certification.
TASKS Table Fields - TaskID; HR Approval; Elink Completed (where HR links the Employee listed in the Employees table); Topic Link (linked to the Programs table); and TODOLink, which is linked to the Programs table.
PROGRAMS Table Fields- TopicID; TaskLinks (pulls in who completes the program from the Tasks table); TODOLink (where I copy and paste the Employee’s number to assign them the program.)
EMPLOYEES Table Fields- EEID; Completed Certifications Link (pulls from the Tasks table); TODO (pulls from the Programs tables TODOLink.)
Link to base

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Hi Wendy, the link to your base doesn’t work I’m afraid