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Here is my formula which I need to add a few more statements too.    IF(AND({LOS2} >= .0, {LOS2} <.26), "First 3 Months", IF(AND({LOS2} > .25, {LOS2} < 1.00), "Within 1 Year", IF(AND({LOS2} >= 1.00, {LOS2} < 2.00), "1 - 2 Years", IF(AND({LOS2} >= 2.0...
I am working on a field that pulls a result based on a number range.   I aim to convert the number of days from a person's hire date and an incident date to a set phrase such as "Less than 3 Months",  "4 Months to 1 Year", etc.   My first field conve...
My base should only be Eastern Standard Time, but it keeps defaulting to GMT.   The devices I use it on are all EST.   What would cause this issue?   - Wendy
I need to export a grand total number from Airtable to import into our payroll software as a csv.   The table is setup by an employee and that employee has a new row for each month of the year with a number in it.   I know that airtable sums those co...
I send emails using Airtables automation.   You can see when an email is sent from inside the automation setup.  Is there a way to put a field in a table that lists the last date an email was sent to easily see email history?