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I do consultations by phone and follow-up with an email. The follow-up email template consists of approximately 600 possible paragraphs. Each paragraph has a number, i.e. 1.0.

Most paragraphs are straight text, but some paragraphs also contain data that needs to be entered, if the paragraph has been selected for printing.

I want to be able to submit the paragraph numbers desired and have Airtable export a text file with the final selections that I can copy/paste into the body of my email message.

My time is limited. Is there someone who would set this up for me? I have staff who could enter the paragraph data. What I really need is someone well-versed in Airtable who can create the structure to do the above.

I am Dr. Martin – or call 619-483-1906. Thanks.

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Hi Gary, and welcome to the community!

I’m sure there is, but it’s not entirely clear what “this” is. Your description of the solution is vague and needs some finer points on precisely an approach that will help you. For example…

Are the paragraphs presently in Airtable? If not, where [exactly] will this process pull them from?

Observation - if you input a content directory like this into a database (like Airtable) it will be very difficult to update and maintain. Imagine you needed to perform a search and replace across all 600 paragraphs. In a database you would need to hire a programmer. In a document editor, you could easily maintain the content.

I get it - if certain paragraphs are selected, a branching process must engage and prompt for some “data”. But there are no details concerning what that data is, the volume of the data, how the paragraph selection knows what data to collect, or where such data will be stored until print time.

Observation - you’re describing an expert system that has a workflow process with multiple dependencies; a system like this typically does not come together quickly or effortlessly and this especially the case if the requirements are sketchy.

Where [exactly] do you anticipate submitting such numbers? Do you envision a table? A form? A custom app?

Define “export”. Do you mean onto your local computer? Or, just a display? The former would require you to save the file and then open the file with yet another app and perform the copy. The latter would be rendered in Airtable allowing you to copy it.

Observation - why not automate this and have the solution generate the email itself as a draft - eliminate copying and pasting.

I’m not sure what this means. Are you suggesting the app needs to be running very soon? Or, is this reference to the process itself - you need a solution that provides a fast turnaround?