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We have been using Airtable to help clean up our Pre-Season planning for scout camp this year and it has been awesome.

I am now trying to tackle a way of recording merit badge records and am having some trouble.

Here’s my goal with the base.

1. A table lists all of the merit badges that we offer (around 40).

This is the part I’m really struggling to figure out how to accomplish. This table will display information such as, total number of participants, completion rate, weeks offered, etc. Sort of as a directory to quickly find a specific badge, but also to see summarized info.

Here’s an idea of what I might want it to look like:


2. A specfic spot for each merit badge

Each merit badge has its own list of requirements that we check off throughout the week. Some simply have requirements 1-6. Others have Requirements 1a-d, 2a, 2b, 3, 4a-c, and 5. It widely varies on a badgr by badge basis. We also track attendance and take notes on individual scouts’ progress. Lastly, we label the camper’s record as either incomplete or complete and list the unfulfilled requirements.

We are currently using individual tables for each merit badge. This way, we can quickly sort all of that badge’s records by troop, week, completion %, etc. Here is what the two test badge tables look like:

image image

3. To link this with a Directory of Campers

This way, we can go into each camper’s file and see what merit badges they took and get a general overview of their progress in a week. This info would then be shared with their leaders and the council for bookkeeping.

Our camper directory is its own base and is a lightly modified version of the team directory template:


How would you go about designing this base? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I’ve learned a lot from scouring these forums. Thank you all.

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