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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The goal, to send a client a list of PDFs called Offering Memorandum of interest, and another Field/column called “Properties sent.”

Unfortunately, the Field/Column named “Attachments” does not have the “+” sign that allows the creator/owner to upload an Offering Memorandum (PDF) of the property from the Field entitled “Address” of the properties, which is the field used to input the all of the data and attachments for the properties.

The Field/Column we named “Properties Sent” has a “+” and the ability to upload an attachment from AirTable .

The email sent to the client - who is not shared as an Owner/Creator or Read-only client - includes the title of the attachments under the Field “Properties sent,” but not the PDF file, which is how the data and attachments were originally input into AirTable.

This creates some double work, and defeats the concept of Airtable - to attach info inputted within AirTable, unless you can help me out.

One issue is, to be able to email the PDF attachments of what we have sent/emailed the client - or want to send them from Airtable, one needs to upload information from one’s computer in the Attachment field what was already uploaded in the “Properties Sent” field.

So double work, plus the lack of ability to manipulate data within Airtable.

Please help me out.

Again, I emailed Several times a request to see if an upgrade would be beneficial for my uses, with specific questions. I don’t have multiple clients at a time I am emailing attachments to, working on only a handful.

I have now figured out how to email attachments, although double input required, and Airtable usability diminished but would like the above answered before I upgrade.

2nd Upgrade issue: I have a total of 5 people “sharing.” At this point only one Creator is working with me. But Don’t mind once or twice a year having the others look into something. Thus at this point I only want two “creators,” Robert and myself.

I don’t seem to be able to specify in the Upgrade payment program which creator/owner I want on the upgrade. The upgrade charge automatically includes all 5 people “sharing” - at $1200.



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Hi @Maureen_Caldwell-Meu,

Yes, the process you are describing is both common and not easily achieved in Airtable without some external (or Script Block) assistance.

There are two references that might help you envision a better approach that does solidify Airtable as a viable platform for building a suitable and sustainable process with automation.

This one describes how I create very precise PDF reporting assets;
This one describes process automation in general.

Lastly, the diagram below describes how I wrap a fully-automated process around the reporting model. I’m uncertain if this will help, but please feel free to respond with questions.