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4 - Data Explorer

Hi There.

I have a regular Tennis group and want to transfer the records to an Airtable base. Each week there are 8 players (drawn from a pool of around 20) and they will be players 1-8. The games are mainly doubles so, for instance, player 1&8 may play 2&7. I need to set up the schedule of matches and be able to record the scores for each and award points for victories. Then there needs to be a summary for the session with a leader board of the points scored.

I guess it is the setting of the individual matches that I am not sure how to start…

Any help appreciated


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You could have a table of [Matches] with two record link fields, both pointing at a table of [Players].

[Matches] table

In one link field you link all 2-4 players who were in the match. In the other link field only link the one or two players who won. Add another field for points for winning.

[Players] table

Add a Rollup field which sums up all the total of points from the [Matches] table using the link field for games won (as opposed to the one for games played).

Another option would be to have two linked records but set them up a bit differently. Have one linked record for one team and another linked record for the other team. Then use a single select field to say which team won. Conditional roll ups and formula fields could determine the rest as @Kamille_Parks described. This method would preserve the information regarding who was on which team.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello @Richard_Benson , not sure if you’ve begun your ‘Tennis Anyone’ solution yet. I always try to use a junction (3rd joining table) when I have a many-to-many relationship between my tables. In your case [players] < [players_matches] > [matches], the [players_matches] table would be your main working table. There is also a Tournament Bracket template Tournament Bracket Template - Free to Use | Airtable that uses a self-linking table to display your tournament matches in a hierachial graph. They recommend you also install the org chart app to get a more in depth view.

All the Best!