Field that allows multiple links to another record and a value for each entry?

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm trying to do something like this:

Attributes Table

NameMin ValueMax Value

Potions Table

NameDescriptionAttribute ModifiersFooBar
Healing Potionheal_pot_descr(Health 50)......
Curse Potioncurse_pot_descr(Health -25), (Energy -25)......

So is that possible? I.e. referencing the attribute value in the Attributes Table from the Potions Table with an additional value of some type (in this example an integer)?

The use case there is pretty simple and straightforward. I was also wondering if that's not possible if we could join then two columns into one? Something like:

NameAttributeModifierAttribute Modifier
Healing PotionHealth50(Health 50)
Curse PotionHealth, Energy-25,-25(Health -25), (Energy -25)

This at least allows us to preview the values in the table

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