Google Calendar Synch to add Invitees

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All - 


I'm trying to get a better understanding of the Google Calendar Table Synch. 

Goal: Add attendees one by one to a Google calendar event as they RSVP through a front-end system that uses Airtable as the backend. 

Current setup: Events Table that is synched to our GCal, second RSVP table that connects 'Members' to 'Events' 

Every time I try to find a workaround I ended up running into another issue. I'm not able to edit Synched Tables directly and there isn't a two-way table synch, so I wouldn't be able to add Attendees directly in the Airtable.

Automations worked almost perfectly, but you aren't able to add attendees, you can only replace all attendees. The problem here is that I would create so much email spam if every time someone new signed up for an event, we send all previously RSVPd guests another email. 


Are there any Airtable native solutions? Is or Zapier the only way? Am I missing an understanding of the Synch works? Any input or general direction pointing would be appreciated!  


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