Group tasks by individual project when linked to multiple projects

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4 - Data Explorer

Novice user here - I followed the videos and referenced some templates to build out a project management base with a linked tables for Projects and Tasks.

We have several Projects that comprise the same set of tasks but are different projects (applied to different subjects).

When I group tasks by project in a view of my Tasks table, I want to see them grouped by individual project. Currently, grouping tasks by project seems to treat every unique group of projects with the same set of tasks as “the project.”

The intention of this view is to see all the tasks for each project as rows grouped by individual project. As it stands, I cannot even tell which projects are grouped together in the tasks view without widening the field to preposterous levels (see figs below) because the grouped-by field has a fixed height.

Figures below show two groupings of tasks that differ by one project. I widened the field to be able to see all the project names and it is two monitors wide - first figure is the LHS screengrab and second figure is the remainder of the view after scrolling to the RHS.


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As of today, the “group” feature of Views treats the values of array-type fields (multiselect and record links) as one long string. It is not yet possible to have one group per array item, with records appearing multiple times in the view depending on how many individual groups they fall under.

While Airtable has talked about this possibly being changed in the future, no timeline for this change was given.

Thank you - that’s illuminating.

Are there any suggested workarounds or best practices to manage this?

This seems like a pretty basic function of the suggested project tracker setup. How do users track tasks by project when the tasks apply to multiple projects?

Yeah, it is unfortunate.

When I was newer to Airtable (2017), I posted a similar question

A workaround would be to create multiple views filtered to display each individual active project

The filter would be something like Where Project Name “contains” Project A.

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