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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a base that tracks when a staff member turns in a survey for a free sample product they were given. They should not get new samples without turning in the original surveys. 

Tables include:

  • Staff
  • Samples
  • Surveys

This might seem silly, but I'm struggling to automate when a user completes a survey how to track that they are again eligible for new samples. For what it's worth, A staff member may have several samples in their queue, which is OK, but we'd like to reconcile at least once a month. Open to approaching this in new ways. 

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I'm assuming the "Staff" table links to both the "Samples" and "Surveys" tables?

When a staff member gets a new sample, link the "Sample" record to that staff record, and when they complete the survey the "Survey" record should be linked to them as well

In the "Staff" table, create one "Count" field each for the "Samples" and "Surveys" linked fields, and use a formula field to compare the two.  If the sample count doesn't equal the survey count, then they shouldn't get new samples, does that make sense?