Re: how to change the structure of the phone number?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey friends
I have automation that transfers leads from an Elementor form to Airtable, but for some reason when someone writes down their number in a normal way (ie: 0526324302, an Israeli number) it changes the structure of the number in the system (adds a picture)
How can you change the structure to be the same as how the lead wrote his number in the form?
Thank you!



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As there doesn't appear to be any formatting available for the Phone Number field (and perhaps you could write a feature request for Airtable to consider the types of formatting that you'd like to see), your next best option is to use a Formula field to interpret and display your Phone number field as required.

I've personally never used the Phone number field, and it does strike me as featureless whilst tinkering with it now. It doesn't seem to understand any of the common form of local phone number formats I use in my day to day activities.