is it possible sync multiple tables to another base and keeping linked fields between them intact

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Base A has two tables (table 1 &  table 2)

table 1 has a "link to another record" field to table 2


is it possible to sync both tables to Base B and keep the "link to another record" fields intact so that data will continue to sync? or is this something that can only be done with the ability to 2-way sync in the enterprise plan?


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Hi @david_essman,

Syncing always drops the linked record reference. 


  • Linked record and user fields sync as text fields.

That said, you can create an automation that will repopulate a linked record field between two synced tables in your destination base.


thank you Stephen,

are you able to explain the structure of setting up an automation to repopulate a linked record field ?


First we need a way to later identify the records beyond their primary field labels as these aren't guaranteed to be unique.

In your source base, create a formula field in one of the linked tables with RECORD_ID() as the formula. Let's call this field "Record ID". Then in your linked table in the same base, add a lookup field pointed at this new "Record ID" field. You should now see a single or comma separated list of linked record IDs in this lookup field.

Now sync both tables to another base separately and be sure to include the formula and lookup fields your created previously. Add a new linked record field in the destination based between the synced tables.

In the destination base, add a new automation triggered by "when record is updated" on the synced table that contains the formula field (watching only the original synced linked record field - not the formula field).

Then add a Find Records action to grab the list of records in the lookup containing table where the lookup field contains the formula field (click the gear icon and set to dynamic to add the formula field).

Now add an Update records action on the formula field containing base and populate the non-synced linked record field with the list of records from the Find Records step (again, set the gear icon to dynamic).

You might need to manually set up the links in the destination base to start off but this automation should update the new linked record field on subsequent updates to the synced records.

Hope that helps!