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4 - Data Explorer


I have a question and when it could be solved I will be a lot further in the development of my Airtable database.

I have a database with 3 tables.

Table1 with 1 field : Company.




Table2 with 2 fields : DB (Text) and Company (link to another record)

ShopDB    Shell

TRA           Shell

Oil             Shell

Track        BP

Bounce    BP

Eloy          Esso

Yama        Esso

AOC          Esso

Table3 with 3 fields : Company (link to another record), Database (link to another record) and Amount (Currency).

I select the Company : Shell (link to another record).

Now, in the field DB (link to another record), I only want to see the DB’s that match the selected Company,

so ShopDB, TRA and Oil and not the whole list ShopDB, TRA, Oil, Track, Bounce, Eloy, Yama and AOC.

Is this possible.




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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

It sounds like you need to use Filters and possibly additional views? When you do that, in the other tables you can update the field to limit to a specific View which only shows the options you want. I can work out some quick test setup and screenshots if that doesn't make sense

- In Table 1, add a lookup field to display the "DB" field from Table 2. 
- In Table 3, add a lookup field to display the lookup field you just created in the previous step