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4 - Data Explorer

I use airtable for lots of things - but a primary use is data entry for a longitudinal study I'm conducting. 

Each row is a company I'm observing and the columns are observation dates. There are a series of measurements I do at each observation date (~11). Is there a way to bulk create/copy the eleven columns instead of individually duplicating them for each new timepoint?

Perhaps I'm not thinking through the problem in a way that optimizes airtables strengths.

To me, wide data is better for this use case than long data. I need the data to be exportable for table creation (the table tools in airtable are too rudimentary compared to excel) so this format makes the most sense to me. I also think new records for each time point is not as easy for people to follow for longitudinal data compared to new columns. This data is publicly available so being easy to understand by people not used to datasets is critical. 

Admittedly, this might be a unique use case. I checked the boards and couldn't find guidance. Appreciate the help and suggestions!

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