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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to find a way to manually sort rows in my main Grid view and once manually sorted, updates the order of the additional views in the base. We are trying to import a tool that we have in Google Sheets to Airtable. It has hundreds of rows. Sometimes a new row is added, but needs to be near an older row further up the list. Instead of using Google Filter views, we want to use the Airtable Views to replace them, but we need to see those row updates that are made to the main one in them. There are about 20 non-main views that we’ll be making.

Any thoughts?

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Hello and welcome @Chelsea_Ashe!

When using an Airtable view you can manually reorder records for that view but those manual order changes will only be applicable to that view. This is to allow flexibility in ordering across different views depending on what information is most important in that particular view.

I’d love to help figure out how to best convert your existing workflows for Airtable Views. Could you provide more details on how you’d like your view to be structured? Or if there is possibly another field type that could be indicative for ensuring your records are in the order you’d like?