Multiple dates per contract in Calendar view

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Brand new user on free version here and happy so far. I have a design question with multiples dates.

I teach one course to many clients. Each course has 8 sessions. Therefore I see each client 8 times, all at different times. I need a way to track all these dates!
I created a record for each client’s contract and want to add multiple dates in the client’s record so I can track what dates I have to visit which client. I can add multiple date fields in the main Grid view but that’s not very helpful in Grid view because the Calendar view only shows the first date. I would like the Calendar view to have all 8 dates shown for each each client so I can visually check for conflicts and plan general staffing.

Do I need to update to PLUS version? Which plan will allow me to display up to 8 dates from one record in the Calendar view?

Alternatively, is there a way to creatively do this on the Free plan?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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Create a new table. Each record in that table will represent a “course date” and will have one Date field and one Link to Record field. So your course record (and/or your client record) will be linked to 8 date records.

If you don’t want to do what I suggested above, then you will have to upgrade to Pro to display multiple date fields for a single record in a Calendar View.