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4 - Data Explorer


I am new to using Airtable, and I want to utilize multiple forms. The idea is to have a first form where, upon clicking a picture, it will transition to a second form, allowing the customer to input all the necessary information. Upon pressing a button on the second form, it should move to the third form, displaying quotations for the woods, including the pricing and quantity. These forms are intended for quotations of the product that the user can request.

My question is: Is this functionality possible with Airtable? I am uncertain if a clickable image is feasible, so I need clarification on whether Airtable can support multiple forms, as described above.

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Airtable does not support multiple pages per form, but Fillout does. Fillout’s forms communicate natively with Airtable, and they allow you to create Airtable records, update Airtable records, and create/update linked records in Airtable.