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Hi, let’s see if I can explain this so it makes sense! I am the executive editor of a news website. I have a content calendar table set up in Airtable, but I’d also like to use another table in the same base to keep track of my newsletters.

My main content calendar table has a field called “newsletter” that is a date, which represents the day on which the newsletter that will contain this story will be sent. It also has a URL field for published stories.

I would love for the URL field for the story in the content calendar table to auto-populate in the corresponding record in the newsletter table. For example, if the story “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Back Pain” had “7/27/2020” in the “Newsletter” field on the content calendar table, that story’s URL would appear in the “7/27/2020” record in the newsletter table.

My questions:

  1. Is the above description clear about what I’m trying to do?
  2. Can it be done?
  3. Assuming it can be done, how should I set up my tables and fields?

Thanks very much.

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Assuming your {Newsletter} field is of the Link Record field type, in your Newsletter table add a Lookup field that references the URL field in your content calendar table.

Thank you so much! I’ll give it a shot and let you know how it goes. If it’s not obvious, I’m new to Airtable and have a lot to learn, so I really appreciate you taking some time to help me.