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Is anyone else experiencing this? I have been paying close attention to the new updates to airtable as I waiting a promised feature to be implemented. However, I've noticed for the past few months that what is being advertised as new implemented features are not actually available on my app or even online? Understandably, this is becoming quite frustrating there are features I have been trying to implement but they just don't seem to exist on my end. Is there something I am missing? Do I have to hit an "Update Airtable" button? if so, where is it??

I am missing all features from March, April and a few from February. 

I am using the Pro plan on both app and online. 

Thank You. 


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There is no "Update Airtable" button (unless you are using a mobile device).

Sometimes features are limited to enterprise users, and that fact is not always clearly highlighted.

Other times features take a few days or longer to be fully rolled out. However, if you are months behind this is not the issue.

Sometimes new features do not appear until after you have shut down and reloaded Airtable or clear cache. Again, if you are months behind, this is likely not the issue.

Recently Airtable has announced a few features that are on the roadmap but not actually released.

If you give more specifics on the features that you are missing, maybe someone can provide additional assistance?