Re: Number of connexions on an account and airtable speed

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


do you think being 15 users on 3 accounts can slow down airtable our bases or there is no link between number of connexions on an account and speed ?

the question is… if we buy 1 or 2 more accounts, will it fix this issue ?

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There is always a causal impact to the number of concurrent users and performance. It might not be noticeable, but there is a connection.

But, I’m more interested in your characterization of your users and accounts.

15 users on 3 accounts

Are 15 different users sharing 3 actual named user accounts?

what do you mean by “named” ? user accounts. 3 accounts that have a “creator status” on a pro workspace.

3 Airtable accounts shared by 15 users. You make it seem like there are multiple people sharing a small number of acounts.

This is exactly the situation. we r a small company. budget is an issue.

for exemple the sales team has 1 email adress. and they are all connected on airtable with the same email. it means 4-5 people on the same account.

Okay, so - this is a TOS violation. But think about what you’re asking -

You want to know why Airtable’s performance is sluggish and in the same breath, you are explaining how you deny revenues to Airtable while expanding its obligation to service additional unpaid users.