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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I have a table with a button field. Sometimes I need to click the button for one record, and sometimes I need to click it for multiple records. Is there a way to select all the buttons and have them activated. Sorry if my question doesn’t make sense. I’m just trying to save myself from hundreds of clicks.

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What action is tied to the button click?

Open URL, it sends something to Zapier.

Assuming the url is a webhook: if you need to send multiple records to the same zap, or to fire one zap once per each record selected, you will need some variation of a script, probably.

First change would be to make a Checkbox field and select records that way, or to create a View for all the records you need to send to Zapier.

Then it would be possible for the button to run a script that will send information for every record with the checkbox checked or for every record in a view.

Thanks for your response! I’m still learning all this. I think your Checkbox solution is the right idea, I tried to set it up but didn’t quite get it to work. I’ll try again when I’m more motivated, but I’m guessing this is the solution. Thanks!

@R_Dillon_Emerick If you got the answer you were seeking, please mark Kamille’s last comment as the solution to your question. This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

Hello @Kamille_Parks 
I am afraid, I am running to the same challenge.
What do you mean by a script? A script that calls several URL? Do you have an example? 

It is highly dependent on where the webhook is going, and how the "zap" or automation or whatever it is is set up.