Publish a list of our help providers on a website with the ability to filter

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys!

I have just joined the team of volunteers who are working on the project We have a database and a call center of everyone who wants to support people who need assistance during our protests in Belarus. Some people need medical or psychological assistance after the brutal police behavior during the protests, someone needs lawyer advice, some need financial support during strikes.

The team is currently working on the website using Wordpress engine, but it takes ages to build quite a simple thing – a list of all providers with the ability to filter by a category, subcategory, and region.

I keep an eye on Airtable and always wanted to try out this tool. If you guys could help us with advice on how to build a widget that we can embed into the simple website to show all the providers from the DB and provide some simple usable filters – you would become our heroes! Every day, every hour is important for us now.

There is some tool which is called table2site with the filters on top. It looks quite nice, but we need the subcategory and region filters as well


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I would check out