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Hi I have a question - Im a neewbie so excuse my ignorance. My primary field consists of 300 sporting fixtures throughout the year which take place at 26 different venues, so the venue is repeated throughout the year meaning the ‘value’ in the primary field is not unique.(one venue could have 20 fixtures) How do I deal with this as I’m worried this will cause a problem down the line.(from my research it states primary cells should be unique) I could merge the date and venue fields to the primary field creating a unique record for each cell? However, I suspect there is a better structure? I have attached a screenshot to illustrate my query. thanks
airtable query screenshot

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Hi @Richard_Hayden,

That’s great to hear! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed my Airtable training course! :slightly_smiling_face: A more advanced version of that course is coming soon in April 2023.

For others who are reading this thread in the future, the link to my Airtable training course is here:

Here is the link to Airtable’s formula reference page, which will show you how to use either DATETIME_FORMAT() or DATESTR().

For example, you could use this formula to format the date portion of your string:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Your Date Field}, 'D/M/YYYY')

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Welcome to the Airtable community @Richard_Hayden !

I would suggest to swap the two fields and place {Date of Meeting} as the primary field. Each meeting take place only at one date.

As for the {Racemeeting}, changing the field type from Single line text to Single select and adding each values, will bring clarity to your table.

Here is an article to help you setting the Single select field :

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

You may want to create a formula field as your primary field, which combines both the race meeting and the date together. Then, you will see all of your most important information combined together in your primary field.

That’s a great tip @ScottWorld ! :thumbs_up:

@Richard_Hayden , to set your primary field as a Concatenation formula, you may check out this illustrated guide :

You’ll also want to use DATETIME_FORMAT() or DATESTR()in the formula for the primary field to get a pretty date.