Is it possible to show linked records that match particular filter conditions?

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So I have a table called Daily Hits to which my Touchpoints are linked to - so a day might have 30 touch points as an example - I’ve created another table called Journeys… what i want to do is have a number of columns representing a customer journey - each column would be a step as an example… and I need to make sure that step is done or how many of htose steps are done.

So for example my Touchpoints include ‘Booster Shots’ where I send a prospect some information - in the Journeys example if I have 50 rows of prospects I want to have a column for ‘Booster Sent’ and so I could quickly see how many of the prospects got a Booster sent - for that I was thinking I could create a lookup field for Touchpoints… like a Loopup… but have that Lookpu filtered by only those that have a Type of ‘Booster Shot’ don’t know if this makes sense but any input/help would be much appreciated.

I should probably make a video one sec

Hope this makes sense - thank you

Thank you!

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If I’m understanding correctly from what you’ve described- you might be best to have a “Steps” table and stamp each step as a record - rather than having steps represented in a column. It takes a little bit of time to get used to pivoting the workflow from columns to rows, but is typically far more flexible, scalable and easier to manage.

The Touchpoint, steps and journey details would each be a select field, and there would be a linked field to a customer table.