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Hello, I have one formula field {Ball 1 ?} in the table A . The formula checks another table {Ball 1} via a linked record to see if it contains an attachment. If it does, the computed field writes "Yes", if it is empty, it writes "No". This part work...
Hello, On an airtable registration form that has a required field for DOB, some users have made error on their years of birth (for example 2023 instead of 2003) . Then they submit it and it fills the table with wrong data without them being aware of ...
Hello, I have formatted the date but the hour displayed shows 1 hour less. How can I display the exact time in hours and minutes in the field {date formatted} ? The formula I use is : DATETIME_FORMAT({Time slots},‘DD-MM-YYYY à HH:mm’) How can we so...
Hi! I created a field that concatenates the last name and full name in a table. I am trying to write a function that takes the 2 letters first letter of the first name and 2 last letters of the last name. But it only returns the 2 first letters of th...
Hi! I would like to write a script that automatically creates time slots one week in advance. These time slots are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 2pm (6 time slots/day). For now, I type them manually but there is certainly a better way… Let ...