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4 - Data Explorer

I have a Record Template. It has three relevant Tiers:

Project> Phases> Tasks

When I use the template to create a new project, the project name get tagged to the phases and the tasks to the phases, but not the tasks to the project. so i have to manually select which project the 50+ tasks are associated to every time a new project is created. 

How can I...

a: automate the Project Selection or

b. get it so the reference works and is there automatically.

I have tried everything I can at this point. 

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Hmm, yeah it looks like the record template can't link to two levels ago.  You could try to automate this by creating a lookup field in the "Tasks" table to display the linked Project record from Phases, and use an automation to paste the value from the lookup field into the linked field to "Projects"?

I can't figure out a way to automate updating the linked Field. I am probably missing something but I can't do it. I have it now that I can at least group tasks via Project phase linked cell. If i can't sort anything else out it is better then nothing. But it will not give me an overall summary of task completion at a glance. Just the individual phases.