Rollup all values of a field of type Link, into a large combined list Links

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi.  Is it possible to rollup all values of all the links in a field of type link, combined into a larger array? I'll give an example to illustrate better.

I have two tables

  • Reports
    • ExpenseCategoryLinesLinked (Link to ExpenseCategoryLines, many-to-one)
  • ExpenseCategoryLines
    • ReportId (Link to Reports, one-to-many)
    • ExpensesLink (Link to Expenses, many-to-one)
  • Expenses 
    • ExpenseCategoryLineLink (Link to ExpenseCategoryLines, one-to-many)

The idea is to have a Report.AllExpenses as a rollup, which would combine all the Report.ExpenseCategoryLinesLinked > ExpensesLink into one field, as an actual list of links (not text). I've tried using CONCATENATE or ARRAYJOIN, but it returns the IDs as text.


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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Karl_at_Easy_La ,

I don't know your Base details, so this is just one idea.
If you need to do so, I think you might want to adapt your database structure to that.
Reports -> Expenses ->Expense Category Lines

Also, even with the current database structure, I think it is possible to pseudo-join links by using Automations a lot, but it is hard to support changes and deletions.