Need help linking multiple promo products and managing inventory

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello AirTable Community,

Im somewhat new to Airtable and I am currently facing a challenge in building an effective inventory base in Airtable, specifically when it comes to linking multiple promo products into one product and properly managing the inventory for each line item. I would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise on this matter.

Here's the scenario I'm dealing with: I have different office kits - mini, small, and large - each containing various promotional products such as post-it notes, pens, carabiners, webcam covers, mousepads, and business cards. I want to be able to track the inventory for each individual item as well as the overall inventory for each office kit.

The goal is to manage and update the inventory levels for all the components within the office kits. I want to ensure that when one item from a specific office kit is sold or depleted, it automatically reflects in the inventory for that particular kit. Additionally, I need the ability to track the overall inventory of each individual item, regardless of whether it is part of an office kit or not.

I have been exploring various approaches within AirTable, but I'm struggling to find the best way to set up this inventory management system effectively. I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or best practices that you can share to help me overcome this challenge.

Thank you in advance!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

It's great to see you using Airtable for your inventory management needs. Managing multiple promo products can be challenging, but I'm here to help you find a solution.

To effectively link multiple promo products and manage inventory, consider creating a table specifically for your office kits. Within this table, use a column to link each kit to the individual items it contains. Another table should track the overall inventory of each item, regardless of whether it's part of a kit or not.

For more in-depth insights and best practices, I recommend visiting They offer valuable information on CTR manipulation that could complement your inventory management efforts.