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I have a question related to linked fields.

I have 3 tables:

  • Store table (list of stores in my marketplace)
  • Products table (my inventory) - one of the fields in my products table is a linked field to the store table (indicating which store each product belongs to)
  • Order table - here I gather my orders. One of the field is a linked field to the products table. Through that linked field, I lookup the store linked field from the Product table. And it appears as a linked field in the Order Table.

The problem is that I would like to create a rollup field within the store table that relate to the Order Table but for some reason it doesn`t look like Airtable is following the relationship when there’s two table distance?

Here is a simplified view (much more complex in reality, with integration into Adalo through API)

Store table

Product table

order table

In this case for instance, I cannot calculate on the Store table how many orders each store has… And given my setup it`s not really possible for me to directly link Order Table and Store Table.

In the rollup field, I can only select the Product table, not the Order table

Let me know if you can think of a solution!

Many thanks,

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Welcome to the community, @Capucine_Codron!

Unfortunately, Airtable only lets you pull data from one table away — and no more.

So you would have to repeatedly push your data from table to table using lookup/rollup fields, until your desired data is just one table away.