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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, I am using Airtables to set up my cost database for my cafe.

For each dish, the items can come from 2 sources. 1 -  A raw material table - i.e. chicken, eggs, which i have already listed it's unit cost. 2 - From a Prep material - i.e. like pasta sauce which we make in house. This table, I've already calculated the cost per portion for each item (making reference to items in table 1) 

Now to build a recipe, I need to pick items from both table 1 & table 2.   I am not sure if this is possible to have a selection field that reads from 2 table.  or I need another way around it?



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Hello @cyee 

You can connect 2 linked fields on the Recipe table and use(select) raw material (Ingredients) and Prep material for that same recipe.

Then use Lookup/rollup and Formulas to calculate and show different type of data.

Also see these reference on Airtable Universe.

Based on my checking these are bit matched with your details.

Many thanks Dilipborad!  Will review the links and have a go at it again 🙂