Should this be a junction table? Students enrolling in multiple classes

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

An existing base tracks students self-enrolling in classes by submitting Airtable forms.


  • Students (linked to Classes)
  • Classes (linked to Signups)
  • Signups

The Signups table contains forms to sign up for various classes. There are multiple forms because some require different information than others. What's really messy is that Students has one linked record to Classes for each type of class!

When a form submission is received in Signups, an automation is triggered based on the kind of record received. If the class type is "Class A," automation A runs. If the class type is "Class B," automation B runs. The automations update the "Class x" linked record fields in Students.

This gets more and more unwieldy since Students has multiple linked records to Classes. 

The person who created it is no longer with the company, but I was told the Signups table is a helper table. I'm beginning to think it should be redesigned. Would this work better with a junction table between Students and Classes? Then the automations would update the junction table and things would be updated in both Students, and keep the form submissions flowing into the Signups table as the automation trigger to link the records.


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