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Re: Show most recent linked record only based on field (revision distribution tracking)

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everybody, thanks in advance for your attention.
I work in a TV series, and I have to send scripts for different episodes to some people (crew, cast, etc) and track which revision I sent to whom.
I have two tables, one with all the revision sets for each episode, linked to another table with all the people’s contacts. They are currently all linked to a single field in the people’s table.
I managed to filter the revisions that I sent to each person in different columns (one column for each episode), but the cell shows me all the revisions that I have sent for that specific episode, while I’d like to show only the latest.
Could you please explain me how to do that?

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That is relatively tricky to do in Airtable. I explain how to do it in this episode of the BuiltOnAir video podcast:

Thanks a lot Scott, there’s still something I can’t figure out though: in your base every invoice is linked to a single customer, while I am sending (and linking) the same script to multiple people, and not everybody needs to get the latest revision necessarily. So with you approach I just come up with a blank cell for those who just received the second-to-last revision.
Am I missing something from your explanation, or perhaps I should look for a different approach?

Ah, then it sounds like you will need to restructure your database in a completely different way. You will need to create a “many-to-many relationship”, which requires adding a 3rd table called a junction table. Airtable describes this setup here: