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How To Get Rid of "Recently Opened Bases"

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Hey everyone,

At the top of my airtable app on my computer is a collection of the bases that I have recently opened in a section called “Recently Opened Bases” and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of this.

It has added a lot of confusion in my workflow so anyway to like maybe move it or toggle it off would be awesome.

Thank you for any help!

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OMG I figured it out on my own you guys!

If anyone cares this is how you fix it:

Idk if you can get rid of it or moved it, but you can click on one of your workspaces on the lefthand menu in the desktop app and it will like go to that workspace and then that becomes your default workspace. So whenever you open the app or click out of a base it goes to that workspace section as a starting point. I had to exit the airtable app and open it like twice for it to start working like that, but so far so good on it opening to the section I have set up.

This solution is not working for me. How do I get rid of the “recently opened bases” feature. It is causing my team members to open the wrong bases since they are used to them being in certain spots.
Is there a “default” button somewhere that keeps the workspace I want at the top?

The solution I thought I found before isn’t holding up unfortunately /;

The recently opened bases section should have a toggle on and off button because it does create a lot of confusion for me, and I am guessing others

I’m with you on this question! I’ve been super confused and frustrated by it as well. I have no need or desire for a “recently opened” section. I organize my bases according to how I need/want them.

In the same line of features, I also don’t need the “interfaces” section which appears right at the top. Why can’t I customize the sections that appear on my airtable “home” page. As someone else has suggested – either give me the ability to toggle them on/off or move/rearrange their order.


I’d also like to be able to remove this or toggle it off. Kind of obnoxious to force it on us.

Airtable team ! Please remove it! Is causing me a huge OCD!

Agreed - should be a user option to display or not.