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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to use Airtable to build a catalog of our software available along with FAQs how to use it. I think I have the main layout set, but I’m hoping to have each square in the gallery view open a new link/table. Is that possible? We are a school district and the easier it is the better.

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Hi there! Using Airtable in this way to create a linked catalog-style website accessible to users is certainly feasible; however, some additional configuration and potential integrations with other tools may be required to achieve the exact functionality and user experience you envision. I think that for an easy-to-use solution for non-technical users, an alternative approach could be to publish your Airtable base as a simple website and then use the gallery view links to direct users to separate web pages for each software that contain the additional details. Go to the website to learn more about tips and sources for software development.