Sorting and filtering with feet and inches

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I have a base where I am storing the height of people, I would like to store the height in feet and inches.
I also need to sort and filter by this field as well.

I found 4 options that I can do:
- I can store it as a string, but then I cant really sort and filter it well
- I can store it as a decimal, but then 5.11 is out of order and 5.1 and 5.10 look the same, since all numbers have the same amount of decimal points
- I can store it as inches, but then when I go to filter itll be super annoying for the user, since im using interfaces.
- I can store 2 columns one in feet and one in inches, but thats annoying for the user as well. But it might be the best option for me

All these options are not really useful for my needs.
Does anyone else have any other idea of what I can do to make this work for me?



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I would probably store height in inches, and then use a formula field to show what that would be in feet and inches. 

However, filtering will be a bit tricky if you want to filter on feet and inches, versus just inches.