Sync records from one "master catalog" base to multiple tables for various projects

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a fairly complex set up that I may need to hire someone to help us complete, but I'm hoping to answer a few basic questions before putting in all of that time and money.

We design and manage renovation projects for 5-15 clients at one time.  We collect records for various products and materials, present them to our clients (option 1, option 2, etc.), get approvals and create a final list of the approved products and materials to accompany our construction documents.  Sometimes we use the same products and materials on several projects, but each project requires different quantities, colors, pricing, tax rates, etc.  I've tried creating one "master catalog" base that has tables for products, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, categories, etc. and a separate base for each project.  Each project can have a list of 100-400+ required items and we might collect 2-3 options for each item on the list. I've also created a web clipper extension for each project base to make collecting product data from the internet much faster.  My main questions are:
1) Considering the recent changes to the subscriptions, could we run into a max limit issue if we collect all products into one master catalog base, then sync 5-10 bases at once to that catalog table?
2) Could there be a way to house all of this within one base?
3) Any recommendations for someone who might be able to help us, who is not only an air table expert, but a creative thinker and can help me design solutions with automations and possibly a few integrations.  I've tried hiring before, but the complexity of how we need to organize and track information internally AND present information externally to clients AND create reports for the multiple builders we work with has stumped several people.

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