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4 - Data Explorer

Newbie here … I have a database that is relatively simple construction. I have list of names, ph numbers, addresses, and a few other fields. This list is used by a truck driver to pickup up donated items. Once they go do certain actions they need to record their time. I am looking to see how I can format the field to record the current time and lock it in.

Any suggestions … open to whatever …

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Darlene_B ,

What i did in a similar situation (Im assuming the driver doesn’t have editing access in Airtable?) is use a form that is created in a second table then use the prefill option to prefill the name of the donor. Learn more about prefilling information in a form in this link. You can then make a field in this new table using createdtime() formula and bring this data to the first table using a lookup field.


Thank but have found a different solution.