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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to create a simple donor database for a local charity. The “Donors” table would list all donor details (name, phone number, address, E-Mail etc.) while the “Donations” table would show all donations made by the various donors. The “Donations” table would include “Donor” as a linked field to the “Donors” table.

It is straightforward to copy and paste details of donations into the “Donations” table. However, I can’t import data into the table because Airtable says the “Donor” field is unsupported. Is there a way of doing this? I don’t really want to copy & paste data. I want it to be more automated.

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Is the primary field of the Donors table a formula field or an editable field?

Do all the donors in your donations import already exist in your donors table? If not, what happens if you ensure that all the donors exist before the import of donations?

Thanks a lot for responding. The primary field is the name of the donor e.g. Colin. It is not a formula. The import doesn’t support the Donor field even if all the donors in the donations already exist in the Donors table.