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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a field set up as a URL. However, the URL does not actually allow click-through in the mobile app, although I am able to use it that way on my desktop.

Seems like there is little point in having a URL in the table if it can’t actually function as a hyperlink. Having to copy and paste the link from the mobile app into a browser creates a number of additional steps.

What am I missing?

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You need to give us a few examples, otherwise, we’re just guessing what the issue might be.

And, are these URLs intended to open web pages? Other mobile app resources? Airtable records?

The URLs are intended to open web pages. They are one of the field types that can be selected from within Airtable when customizing a field.

I don’t understand about giving examples? The URL is a field type selector. URLs are used to open web pages. I have URLs entered for each record in that particular field but they do not open web pages; i.e., they are text rather than hyperlinks. The URL field functions as a hyperlink in the desktop version (e.g., you can click through to the web page) but not in the mobile app.

Seems to work fine in iOS -


Yep - I get that. Can you give us an example of a URL that works on the desktop but not in the mobile app?

Thanks for the quick response. I can’t provide a specific example — NONE of the URLs work in the mobile app. (I’m using iOS). They are all text, not hyperlinked. I have copied and pasted the URLs directly from my browser into the field, so they are complete addresses — and, as I mentioned, they are hyperlinked in my desktop app, just not in the mobile app.

You can’t share a single URL that fails to execute in the mobile app? I’m looking for an example that fails so I can see if there’s something about the URLs you are using that would be interpreted as invalid.

And can you share a screenshot with the field type shown in the column?

I sort’of get what you are saying, but remember, browsers (mobile or desktop) interpret “links” from ordinary text differently. As such, to get the help you seek you must share the contexts very specifically and visually if possible.

Happy to assist, but this will be my last attempt unless you can paste a link and share some of the key nuances of your experience.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Airtable will not allow me to post links — tried by email and here in the forum.

I did copy and paste the links directly from pages I went to, however, and can copy a link and paste it into any browser and get to the page from Airtable.

And, as I mentioned, the links are all workable click-throughs on my desktop app, just not in the mobile app. There they simply appear as text, not hyperlinks.

Hi @11131

I have an Airtable base with a URL field. I tested my link, using iOS 12 on a mobile device. I am able to click on the web address and it opened up to a web browser, right away.

I took a screenshot of the link. Is this how it looks? If so, where in the field are you tapping? The web link or the small box at the end of the link? If you are tapping the box at the end of the web address, and the link does not open up, then there might be some other issues.

You might have to get in touch with Airtable Support at

Members such as @Bill.French are trying to help, it just might take us a while to get there.

Mary Kay


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you Mary Kay! You resolved my “problem”. The link works when I expand the record – it doesn’t work if I’m trying to click from the field in the table without selecting an individual record and expanding it.

Relief! I use the table more on my mobile app then on my desktop, so I’m glad to get this figured out.

Hi @11131

I am glad we could help!

It seems that the same fields work differently in both iOS and desktop versions. This is also the same for functions, too, i.e. Formulas.

Mary K