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5 - Automation Enthusiast

We are mentoring a program of teams and wanted to take notes after the meetings with each teams just to track progress and such.

Right now, I have a CRM setup using a separate notes table and linking the notes records. This is helpful for tracking when notes are taken, but the biggest problem is that when someone wants to open up the record for the meeting, they can’t easily visualize all the previous notes (since they just appear as linked records vs actual text). So even though you can take notes in a clean way, you can’t visualize them quickly and easily.

Any recommendations on ways to set this up?

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Because all of the note records are linked, you could use a rollup to collect the note text for each team’s notes and compile it into a single large block of text. The only possible hiccup with this is that the order of the notes in the rollup would depend on the order the links were made. If they were made in chronological order, everything is good. However, if someone forgot to link one note, and then made that link after several other notes were linked, that one will appear out of order in the rollup.