What new features are offered on the Business Plan that weren't on the Pro Plan

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

So it's obviously quite a shock getting the email yesterday, the 23rd of August with the massive downgrades to the Pro Plan (Team Plan). However, this post is not to nag on the obvious downgrades which are going to affect how some current systems work. How I see it is some clients will have no choice but to upgrade, at a high expense, or stay on the Team Plan and try and work with the downgrades.


My first question that I want to have more clarification on what's offered on the new Business Plan that was not available on the Pro Plan. The two main points that really stand out to me are as follows:

Two Way Sync 🆕

Unlimited Workspaces 🆕

Are there any other exciting features I can show my clients that was not available until the new Business Plan features come into affect? 


Question 2: Unlimited Workspaces

Prior to this, my understanding on the Pro Plan was that each workspace was billed as an individual plan. So if I had two workspaces that needed the Pro Plan features, I would pay twice ($20 USD x 2). So if/when upgrading to the Business Plan, does that mean there is an unlimited amount of workspaces and be billed just once a month the same amount ($45 USD per seat)?

Question 3:  Sync Integrations

It's still not clear how the new sync integrations will affect the workflows. Right now, one client uses Google Workspace integrations a lot and is an essential part of workflows. It's not clear from Airtable which sync integrations will be affected if they stay on the Pro Plan (Team Plan). I know Google Drive and Google Calendar are included as a standard sync integration but is Google Sheets going to be included as it's not clear when comparing the plans? Is there a more complete list on the Airtable Community with the difference between Standard Sync and Premium Sync?

Thanks any information to the questions above would be great!!

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