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6 - Interface Innovator

Our small nonprofit has been using the Airtable on the Pro plan for a little less than a year, and we've gotten to the point that we need to re-map, re-design our workspace to work optimally between teams. We cannot afford to move to an Enterprise plan so I am trying to figure out our next steps.

I understand that many organizations use consultants to design their workspaces. I would love to understand what they do (and don't do), ranges of cost (is it cheaper than paying for Enterprise?!), recommended vendors, etc.

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4 - Data Explorer

Good Afternoon, 

Elite Logic Partners is an accredited Airtable partner who helps organizations of all sizes scale their Airtable workspace/practice. If you're interested in scheduling a time to meet, we would be happy to review your ask and see if it would be a great fit for all of us!

Meeting Link:

HI @Limi,

Yes, working with a consultant is significantly cheaper than upgrading to Enterprise for 2 reasons:

1. Upgrading to Enterprise is an extremely expensive, perpetually-ongoing annual cost of $10,000 per year at a minimum (and many organizations pay much more than that). Working with an expert Airtable consultant like myself is a one-time retainer fee that gives you a number of hours to work with a professional who will help take you to the next level by working closely with you to remapping and redesigning your bases, along with introduce you to new tools and possibilities that you've never even knew were possible before in Airtable.  

2. Upgrading to Enterprise won't get you any of the things that you're looking for (re-mapping and re-designing your bases, along with having someone on-hand to help guide you & take you to new levels). Enterprise just gives you a few extra features that you may not ever use or need. 

I am one of the top Airtable consultants, and I am also one of the original 10 Airtable consultants that was hand-picked by Airtable. You can learn more about me at my website ScottWorld. Feel free to contact me there.


Hmm, answering the question of what a consultant does and doesn't do is pretty difficult as it's going to depend on the consultant.  Is there anything specific that you're looking to get done that you're worried a consultant won't be able to help you with? 

For cost, I would recommend checking out places like Fiver and Upwork.  You're going to see a huge range of everything from like ten to a couple hundred dollars per hour, to people who charge per job, etc.  (I realize that's not exactly helpful, but...yeah). Is it going to be cheaper than Enterprise?  Probably?  Hard to say without knowing the exact problem you're trying to solve, really.

For a list of vendors, you can check out Airtable's list here

I remember reading about someone who straight up just talked to Airtable's sales team and told them they only needed like 5 seats or so for Enterprise, and they managed to get the minimum seat count requirement waived?  Might be worth a shot in your case too