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Accessing Airtable comments via API

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Is there a chance reading & creating comments would be added to the API? Would be really useful in the integration I’m working on.

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Is this possible yet? Would also be very helpful for us.



+1 here. This would be a great addition to the API.

Yes, I’d like to write a program that I can filter/group the notifications by base, by the sender, by table, by specific field etc…

+1 this would be a useful addition for the integration i’m working on!

+1 this would be helpful for us as well!

+1 request for this feature too please.

I’m not a paying customer yet, I’m currently researching and testing various applications and Airtable seems like it’s close to what I want. However I need full API access to the Airtable record comments/version notes/updates. Is there a official word on api access for this? Any ETA?

+1 our lab would also greatly benefit from this feature.

I am trying to use the API to automate reoccurring updates to one of our databases but this project will not be fully functional until we can also have access to comment editing through the API

So I submitted a ticket asking about this, what I was told was that they “may consider this in the future for the API but do not have a timeline as of now”. She also said she will pass this along to the rest of the team.

From my understanding the actual team is pretty small, so I do believe there is a chance of this happening if enough people, some perhaps from this forum, were to show that enough people want this.

+1 !
I would also be really happy to have any access to the comments in each record. (API or CSV). It does not need to have the revision history included, but it would not hurt anyway (if the revision history is marked by some identifier to filter it out later).

+1 for me too.
I am using Airtable for product specifications and comments published in the docs would be so cool.

+1; It’s pretty important to have API access to comments and conversation threads. Many enterprise requirements are gated by full access to the content - data and discussions.

  • Imagine trying to create a compliance reporting system.
  • Imagine integrating Airtable content into a corporate search engine.
  • Imagine building a watch list of key topics for the week.

+1 this is crucial for us now, comments contain important information we need to copy-paste manually, this is painful

This would add value to Airtable.

Yes, +1 from me as well. A super useful addition to the API.

+1 from me. Got a lot of CRM chatter in the comments that I need logged on another platform.

I would be really appreciate if I could read comments left on attachments

A half decade and still waiting. [sigh]