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This topic has been discussed many times among all the Airtable experts but it has remained similar since it was started.

Airtable provides many features in UI or using Interfaces but when you talk about making integration with other tools or using some programming language it still lacks features and also limits in accessing data via API.
We can understand that Airtable want to control everything(every request) and they need to make sure that security is not broken by using API and developer options.
But I think they give at least some built-in options so developers can use it.
For example:

  • If I’ve to access more than 10k records in my custom build CRM/Software, I’ve to make 100 requests with their specific rate limit to fetch that data.
  • If I need to filter some data directly it’s still really slow.
  • I can able to access the base schema or update any basic fields( Manage select field via API is super useful).

There are lots of things.

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This is done after the announcement of

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9 - Sun

This is done after the announcement of