Add Slack workspace access logs to Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,
I am managing a Slack community in which I use Airtable to record all user information. I would like my Airtable to also keep track of the last time my users accessed the workspace. On Slack’s end, this can be achieved through the team.accessLogs method of the Slack API (see here). How can I set up some Zapier-like automation that calls the API once a day and updates the info on the table?
Thanks in advance :pray:

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I’m far from an expert in Zapier, but …

  1. I believe you can invoke an outbound webhook feature in Slack to send log data to Zapier.
  2. From Zapier, it’s a simple matter of completing the recipe by moving the data into Airtable.

This might require a little scripting on the Zapier side to establish a webhook listener (totally unsure about this).

If #1 is not possible (i.e., Slack doesn’t support logging events as outbound webhooks), then you’d have to create a middle-ware integration that retrieves the Slack logging data from time-to-time (using the Slack API) and pushes it into the Airtable base target (using the Airtable API).